In order to enter a Tennis Ireland Open Tournament or Leinster League all players must have a TI PIN (Tennis Ireland Player Identification Number). This is a unique identifier that allows players to:

  • Create and edit their own profile
  • Be identified on the Tennis Ireland Junior & Leinster Senior Ranking Systems
  • Check upcoming Tournaments and Results
  • Easy transition from Junior to Senior Tournaments

If you already have a Tennis Ireland PIN then you can ignore all of the information below and enter any tournament you wish using the normal process that you have been using through

However if you do not have a Tennis Ireland PIN number it is necessary for you to get one and it is very easy. CLICK HERE to register and a number will be assigned to you within minutes of registering.

We would encourage you to login to your account and become familiar with the software so you can manage your account in the future.

If you have any questions please contact: Rosa Stephens Tel: 0860468773 or