Club Development Committee

This Committee has produced detailed information under the title  Club Facilities in the Club area of the website. The information contained in this area should assist clubs with respect to the technical aspects of: 

Site Selection, Size/Marking, Drainage, Slope, Evenness, Subsurface, Surface, Testing/Commissioning, Selecting Contractors, Workmen/ Equipment, Supervising, Typical Price, Guarantees, Fencing, Wind breaks, Maintenance, Safety, Mix of Surfaces, Pavilions and Planning Permission


Competitions Committee

This committee agrees the Leinster Tennis Calendar for the year. It approves permits to clubs for open tournaments, considers applications for new tournaments and determines dates (which can be problematic) if different clubs all want their open tournaments on the same week. It is also responsible for rating tournaments, players ranking (points per round per event etc) and the introduction of International Tennis Number (ITN) rating system. 


Senior Development Committee

The focus of this committee is:

the development of adult tennis in Leinster, particularly at College level
and to select the players to represent Leinster in the Senior Interprovincial Championships.
Every fourth year this committee also runs the Senior Interprovincial Championships.


Veterans’ Tennis Committee

This committee’s focus is on increasing participation in tennis for those who are no longer in the first flush of youth. Originally veteran’s tennis was for men over 40 and over 50 and for women over 35. As interest has developed the number of age groups has increased so today veteran’s tennis can include categories for men over 35, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 and for women categories over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60. To manage tournaments with this number of age groups it is often necessary to split Veteran’s tennis into Junior Veterans (the three lower age groups for men and women) and Senior Veterans (all the older age groups). This committee also selects players to represent Leinster in both the Junior and Senior Veteran Interprovincial Championships held annually. Twice in every four years once of these championships is held in Leinster and this committee run each event.


Junior Development Committee

This committee is responsible for:

1.  Junior Squad Programmes in Leinster:

Quality Professional Coaching is a key ingredient for squad success and this committee selects coaches and liaises with the Tennis Ireland National Development Coach to agree programmes. The Committee has a role in helping to identify potential but, in keeping with best international practice, selecting the squad players is largely done by the professional coaches.

2. Organizing Competitions:

  • two Regional Match-Play Tournaments (Spring an Winter) which give competitive opportunity to players at a time when there are no Open tournaments on the Junior calendar.
  • Leinster Junior and Primary Schools League during the last term of the School Year.
  • Under 12s Summer and Under 18s Leagues during March, April and May. Regional Leagues in the Summer.
  • Phoenix events for less experienced players

3. Interprovincial Championships:

The committee, together with the coaches select the players to represent Leinster in the annual under-14 and under-18 Junior Interprovincial Championships. These events are held during the same week of the year (in August) and they are hosted in turn by each province. This committee runs the championship every fourth year when it is Leinster’s turn to be hosts.

4. Tennis10s Programme for players Under 10 (GREEN) , Under 9 (ORANGE) and  Under 8 (RED)


Child Protection



Discipline and Complaints Committee

This Committee is responsible for handling all Complaints, Objections and Disciplinary matters brought to the attention of Leinster Tennis.

This Committee works in complete isolation to the rest of the Council and all matters are dealt with in total confidence.

The Disciplinary and Complaints Committee carry out their work according to Tennis Ireland's Complaint, Objection and Disciplinary Rules and Procedures. (TICOD-R&P) Please click here to read this document and familiarise yourself with the process prior to contacting this Committee.

You can then contact this Committee directly by emailing the Convenor, Donnough Shaffrey, here.