Club Facilities

The information contained in this webpage and subpages (access through navigation list on left side of page) has been produced by the Facilities Subcommittee of the Leinster Branch Tennis Ireland with the intention to assist affiliated tennis clubs in designing, installing, operating and maintaining tennis club facilities, including courts, lights, etc. It is considered that the provision of proper facilities is vital, because no matter how talented the player, if the courts are not right, they cannot hope to perform to their true potential.
The initial work concentrated on gathering information by way of a survey on facilities from a sample of Leinster clubs and we thank those clubs who completed the survey.
Much of the information is based on British Tennis web site and we wish to acknowledge their assistance in providing the basic information, which has been tailored for Irish conditions.
While every effort has been made to try and ensure the information provided is as accurate as possible, the Leinster Branch Tennis Ireland cannot be held responsible for the use of the information provided in this section.


The information provided has been organized under the following headings:-