Playing Competitions

Please note that the following information is in draft stage.

                  - ITF (U18) & Tennis Europe (U16, U14 & U12)

                  - Great Britain



In order to enter a Tennis Ireland Junior Open Tournament all players must make sure that they have a TI PIN (Tennis Ireland Player Identification Number). This is a unique identifier that allows players to:

  • Create and edit their own profile
  • Be identified on the Tennis Ireland Junior Ranking System
  • Check upcoming Tournaments and Results
  • Chase points on the National Junior Ranking System
  • Easy transition from Junior to Senior Tournaments

If you already have a Tennis Ireland PIN then you can ignore all of the information below and enter any tournament you wish using the normal process that you have been using through

However if you do not have a Tennis Ireland PIN number it is necessary for you to get one and it is very easy. CLICK HERE to register and a number will be assigned to you within minutes of registering.

We would encourage you to login to your account and become familiar with the software so you can manage your account in the future.

If you have any questions please contact: Rosa Stephens Tel: 0860468773 or



Tennis Ireland Junior Competition is broken down into a number of Categories:

  • Championship – Top ranked Junior Tournaments
  • National – Include all National Match Plays, Part of the National Match Play Series
  • Category 1 – National Level Player Open Tournaments Country Wide
  • Category 2 – Provincial/Regional Level Player Open Tournaments Country Wide
  • Category 3 – Regional/Club Level Player Open Tournaments Country Wide
  • Category 4 – Regional Level Match Play, Part of the National Match Play Series

All of the above Categories have a number of tournaments associated with them and there are also points awarded for matches won in the different categories. If you gain any points in any of the junior tours your points will automatically be updated on the Tennis Ireland Junior Ranking System based on the Tennis Ireland Junior Ranking Points Table.

All the rankings can be viewed: CLICK HERE



The TENNIS IRELAND JUNIOR TOUR is divided into different levels:

  • INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENTS: for very experienced players wishing to compete against foreign players of very high standard. They are the first step for players looking into participate in ITF or Tennis Europe tournaments abroad.
  • NATIONAL JUNIOR TOUR (Championship, National and Category 1) for those who aspire to be top National or Provincial players.
  • PROVINCIAL JUNIOR TOUR (Category 2) for players competing at the top of their Province or Region.
  • REGIONAL JUNIOR TOUR (Category 3 and 4) for experienced club juniors aiming to be top Regional players.
  • PHOENIX TOUR (Phoenix 1 & 2) for less experienced players starting to compete outside their own club.
  • TENNIS 10’s COMPETITION for Under 10 players. It includes three different levels:
    • GREEN (Under 10)
    • ORANGE (Under 9)
    • RED (Under 8)

Check regularly the monthly calendar & links for quick access to online entry for the tournaments listed in the various tour calendars.



ITF (U18) & Tennis Europe (U16, U14 & U12):

Competing in Junior Tournaments in Great Britain


If you plan to travel to the United Kingdom to broaden your competitive experience by entering a tournament there, below is some information we hope you will find useful.


Join the “British Tennis Membership” database – MEMBERSHIP. This is a prerequisite before proceeding to step two below. The cost is £5 per annum for players aged 9-17 years.


Get an AEGON British Tennis Rating – Information on LTA Ratings

“A rating is a measuring tool indicating a standard of play and allowing players to record their progress. An accurate rating should give a player access to appropriate level competition”. 

As an Irish player who plans to participate in the UK for the first time, your level of play will obviously be unknown to the LTA (UK). As a result, you will be awarded a rating at the ‘entry level’ of 10.2. This rating may well be too low for you, and if so would result in you being allowed to enter events that are of too low a standard, while being denied entry to events at your appropriate level.

Fortunately the LTA have a solution in place:

“If you are an experienced player, with a competitive record, and think you should be assigned a higher rating than the entry level of 10.2 then you should email with as much information as possible about your playing experience, foreign rating/ranking and results. It may be possible to assign you a higher rating or equivalency”.

The most relevant information is:

  • If you have played in International Tournaments (ITF or Tennis Europe):
    • Your ITF and/or TE ranking
    • Results against British Players (stating tournament, date and name of your opponent)
  • If you have played in Great Britain:
    • Results against British players (stating event, venue, referee, date and name of your opponent)
  • If you haven’t played outside Ireland:
    • Your Tennis Ireland Ranking
    • Results against Irish players with LTA rating (stating tournament, date and name of your opponent)

You can contact Leinster Tennis ( or 086-0468773) if you need any help finding this information.


Enjoy your trip and the tournament! And please let us know how it goes, so that we can build up a database of events in the UK that we can recommend to other Irish players.