A player is considered a Veteran when he/she reaches the age of 35 not later than the 31st of December in a given year (i.e. in 2024 players must be born in 1989 or earlier)

Each age group includes players within a particular 5 year period:

  • 35+
  • 40+
  • 45+
  • 50+
  • 55+
  • 65+ and so on

Players must attain the specified age not later than the 31st December of the year the competition takes place.


Veteran Categories:


There are many Open events for Veteran players. Some within Senior Open Tournaments and others in Veteran Open Tournaments where all events are for 35+ players. For practical reasons Veterans are subdivided as follows:


  • Young Seniors: 35+, 40+ & 45+
  • Seniors: 50+, 55+ & 60+
  • Super Seniors: 65+, 70+, 75+ & 80

Information on calendar, rules and how to enter International tournaments is available on the ITF Senior Website.

Tennis Ireland:

  • Junior Vets: 35+, 40+, 45+, and 50+
  • Super Senior Vets: 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+ and 80+


Team Selection


Should you wish to be considered for selection for Tennis Ireland International team places the following criteria will apply for all teams selected for 2024.

  • You must be registered with Tennis Ireland to obtain your TI PIN [Tennis Ireland Player Identification Number]. If you don't have one, CLICK HERE to register.

  • You must be an active tennis player entering leagues and tournaments.

  • You must play in two of the 3 National Veteran Tournaments:

  1. Irish Veterans Indoor (Belfast) David Lloyd Club

  2. Irish Veterans Open   

  3. National Veterans Championships  

And or if you have been selected to play Interpros for your Province.

For all players that are within one year of their 35th birthday please register your interest now in playing International or Provincial tennis with your Provincial Branch providing all relevant details including contact details and date of birth.