10. Supervision

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It may be desirable to employ a consultant to assist in planning, building or renovating a court facility. Depending on the scope of the project, employing the services of an expert can actually help control job costs by better translating the needs of the owner into proper direction for construction, and by helping to avoid costly mistakes. A professional architect, engineer or landscape architect, or a knowledgeable contractor, trained and experienced in tennis court construction, will help you identify your needs and refine the information to the specific requirements of your site. A consultant can assist you in determining the scope of work to be included in the job, in planning the facility, in determining a realistic budget for the project, in evaluating and comparing bids, in overseeing the work in progress and in solving any problems which occur during construction.

In employing professional assistance, however, it is important to consider the experience of your consultant. Tennis court construction is a highly specialised field which is undergoing constant change. It is important to employ an individual or firm with extensive current experience in the field of tennis court construction.

Another way to find a qualified professional is by contacting colleagues who have recently completed similar projects and asking for a recommendation. In any case, when you contact a prospective design consultant, be sure to ask questions about the firm's experience in tennis court design. Ask about completed projects and past clients. Contact references and visit completed projects. Ask for proposals and compare them carefully. Be sure you understand what is and what is not included in the proposed contract. Finally, once you choose a professional consultant, carefully negotiate fees and services and be sure to secure a signed letter of agreement or contract which clarifies all aspects of your arrangement.
It may be that the owner/club has in house expertise, which has the technical competence to complete the above work. It is very important that there is only one person supervising the Contractor and that it is not supervision by Committee- the latter leads to considerable confusion with respect to who is giving instructions and almost certainly leads to delays and additional costs which can be considerable.