13. Fencing

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It is suggested that all courts are to be fenced in green or black chain link fencing to BS1722 Part 13.
Angle section fence posts 50mm x50mm  are commonly adopted, however a 60mm diameter tubular or rolled hollow section, plastic coated coloured black or green post is preferred.
Careful attention should be paid to fixings, to ensure that there are no sharp edges that would cause injury to either players or spectators.
The base of the fencing should be constructed so that the tennis balls cannot get underneath the fencing and the edge of the court construction. This can take the form of a horizontal bracing bar.
Generally the fencing should be 2.75m high, however, lowered sections should be considered for viewing. The fencing should then be 2.75m behind the base line and return two bays full height, the second of which should slope down to height of 1.2m above the court surface for the reminder of the side elevations. Where it can be achieved fencing dividing multiple court enclosures should be min.1.2m high with one bay from the surround fencing brought into the court at full height.
The gate provision should allow for maintenance access for court surface and floodlighting.
If windbreaks are going to be attached to the fencing it is important that the fence posts and their foundations are designed for the winds expected otherwise the fence will
The typical cost of fence including post, foundations etc, is €xxx per linear metre for vvvv fencing